Sabbath School

Weekly Bible study and discussion groups for all ages.

Youth Ministry

Engaging and nurturing youth in their spiritual journey.

Children's Ministry

Providing fun and interactive programs to help children learn about Jesus.


Adventure and leadership program for young people.


Fun and exciting program for children ages 4-9 and their parents.

Women's Ministry

Empowering and supporting women in their spiritual growth and service to the church.

Men's Ministry

Fostering spiritual growth and fellowship among men in the church.

Community Outreach

Reaching out to the local community through acts of service and evangelism.

Prayer Ministry

Encouraging and promoting prayer in the church community.

Missionary Ministry

Supporting and sending out missionaries to spread the gospel worldwide.

Health Ministry

Promoting health and wellness through education and outreach.

Music Ministry

A ministry that uses music to enhance worship and spread the message of the gospel.