Sermons – 5/4/2019

Premier Service: Se revêtir de la force de Dieu – Dr. Serge F. Lamour

Second Service: Caught Sleeping – Elder Albert B. Cook II

2019/05/04 10:31:00

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Bienvenue à la Cité de la Paix!

Dr. Serge F. Lamour

Welcome to Temple Salem

God’s grace is amazing! How many times have we gone astray only for God to pull us back into His loving arms? Grace is underserved, unmerited and immeasurable. Our mistakes and bad judgements do not push God away. His desire will continuously be to have a personal and intimate relationship with us.
At Temple Salem, we welcome you with open arms. In a world that is disconnected and impersonal, our church family strives to connect with you and with God. We hope you will join one of the small groups that will be created. We walk in grace and extend it to others, knowing that He who begins a good work in us will carry it through completion (Philippians 1:6).
We would love for you to visit us at Temple Salem where we place an emphasis on Christ-centered gift-based ministry. Our first service is primarily in French/Creole and the second service is in English. Our goal is that each time you walk through the door, you will have a life-changing personal experience with God that draws you closer to Him.
Yours in Service,
James Dieujuste, Associate Pastor


Please join us for fellowship, worship, and prayer. We have two services. The first one in Haitian Creole and the second service in English.

First Service Hours

  • 8: 40 AM – Sabbath School
  • 10:15 AM – Worship Service

Second Service Hours

  • 1:15 PM – Seconds service starts